Intel & Lady Gaga

Leverage created a unique partnership between 13-time Grammy winner Lady Gaga and Intel that showcased the brand’s innovative technology solutions on music’s biggest stage
Intel & Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga’s creative team worked in collaboration with specialized hardware powered by Intel to put on a groundbreaking performance at the Grammys that featured a tribute to music legend David Bowie.

“The Lady Gaga Experience” included:
  • Digital Skin – An “animated face” was developed for Lady Gaga that enabled her to adorn a number of Bowie’s iconic looks all in a single performance in real-time.
  • Interactive Video – Lady Gaga was given the power to control how she appeared on a large LED wall.
  • Robotics – Lady Gaga’s piano took on a life of its own as three Intel-powered robot arms added unexpected motion effects to a traditionally staid and steady instrument.
  • Interactive Holograms – Innovative combination of Lady Gaga’s Intel Curie technology-based ring and holographic display materials allowed Lady Gaga to generate a beautiful three-dimensional hologram of Bowie.