• In two Super Bowls (2012 and 2014), guided H&M to break through clutter to impactfully launch their ads featuring global soccer icon David Beckham.
  • Secured exclusives with two most respected national print outlets covering the Super Bowl ads, USA Today and New York Times.
  • Major stories appeared in all key national target outlets across categories including sports, wires, national news, fashion, men’s, women’s and entertainment.

2012 Highlights:

  • Drove frenzy over hand-painted gigantic full body portrait of Beckham on side of building.
  • Teased out ad prior to game, secured major news and buzz.
  • Earned 1.2 billion impressions.

2014 Highlights:

  • Major event at H&M store in Times Square with Beckham signing his new line of men’s underwear.
  • Capitalized on alternative endings of James Bond style ad with fan voting, arranged footage to run on national morning shows.
  • Generated 2.1 billion impressions